For the best choice in composite decking, choose Urbanline.

Urbanline delivers a new freedom of choice in composite decking providing confidence, ease and longevity. Our Latitudes Duro and Millboard ranges are outstanding leaders that are nothing short of revolutionary. The comparison speaks for itself.

Both are the most realistic looking, durable, and stable with next to no upkeep.


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Urbanline’s Latitudes Duro Decking Urbanline’s Millboard Decking Other composites
No maintenance, oiling or painting. No maintenance, oiling, painting, sanding or staining. Some need to be sealed regularly.
Minimal fading. No fading or discolouration with two-tone Lastane® layer. Contains no wood fibres which fade and leach tannins. Other composites fade, some almost changing colour.
Fixing system: Hidden fasteners can be quickly and easily installed. Fixing system: Supply ‘Durafix’ self drilling stainless steel screws. No need to predrill or countersink. Will self-heal leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark. Often complicated and expensive fixing systems.
A mixture of virgin and recycled high-density, sun-resistant, polyethylene. 100% wood-free composite decking board with a natural wood look without the problems of traditional timber or wood/plastic (WPC). Made from polyurethane resin, sustainable minerals and fibres- plus Lastane® coating for anti-slip. Resistant to light, moisture, stains, mould, algae and impacts. Other composites use recycled plastic which is degradable and breaks down over time.
Manufactured using Strandex Technology. Wood fibre is encased in high-density polyethylene, for minimal movement and superior protection against UV and moisture. No expansion or contraction. Closer joints for a safer deck or boardwalk. Don’t use Strandex Technology, therefore wood fibres aren’t encased in plastic resulting in expansion and contraction when subjected to moisture.
Can be faced fixed Can be faced fixed by screws just like wood without splitting. Can’t be faced fixed because of the high expansion and contraction.
Hard wearing and tough with good results from ‘point load testing’. Solid board and therefore, vermin proof. Hollow, light weight and flex under weight loads.
Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Tested: AS/NZS 4586:2004. Non abrasive, anti-slip finish. Leads the industry, exceeding requested wet anti-slip ratings for public areas. Often very smooth and slippery when wet!
25 year warranty conditional upon terms and conditions. Residential 25 year warranty. Limited warranties conditional upon complicated installations.
High-density constitution, excellent insulation properties. Children & pet safe, splinter free and quite underfoot. Hollow and light weight therefore, noisy.
Easy to cut, drill, shape and fix with standard woodworking tools. Solidness is good for shaping around pools etc. Cuts and screws like wood with no special tools required. Solidness is good for shaping around pools etc. Hollow and unsightly when the end is seen leading to installation problems.
No rotting, splitting, warping or checking – guaranteed. No rotting, splitting, warping or checking – guaranteed. Some move after sun exposure, split and deteriorate.
Highly resistant to termites and fungal decay. Manufactured with mould inhibitor. Non-porous and therefore algae resistant, and no wood fibres or rice husks to support mould or algae growth. Reported mould issues.
Perfect for workers camps, public areas, schools etc. Available in a range of textures and colours.


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