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Deck Sealer & Cleaner

Urbanline Architectural’s sealing and cleaning products keep decks looking new for years to come.

People with beautiful decks want them to stay that way – no matter what the conditions. Our products have been expertly developed to protect your decking, as well as making it fast and easy to maintain.

Composite Deck Sealer

Urbanline’s composite deck sealer offers exceptional protection while making stain removal easier. It provides a durable, subsurface, transparent barrier against oil and water on porous composite decking. A solvent-based and transparent vapour-permeable coating, our sealer helps eliminate oil and water-based marks without changing the deck’s appearance or surface properties.

Easy to apply with saturated brush or a Lambs wool applicator, it can be used in conjunction with Urbanline’s QuickClean to help ensure a deck stays ‘as good as new’ while being used and enjoyed every day.

Download Composite Deck Sealer MSDS/Safety Data Sheet

Wood & Composite Cleaner

Urbanline QuickClean makes cleaning lightly weathered wood or composite surfaces quick and straightforward. Whether you want to remove dirt or BBQ fats, QuickClean is ideal for regular maintenance and prepares a surface for re-coating. Urbanline QuickClean is suitable for any hard surface cleaning applications including composite decking, plastic, PVC, tiles, pavers, concrete and glass.

A concentrated product, QuickClean is diluted with water to create a powerful grime remover and degreaser. Used before re-coating with Urbanline’s composite deck sealer, QuickClean helps breathe new life into a deck, year after year.

Download Wood & Composite Cleaner MSDS/Safety Data Sheet

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