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‘Chilled Form’ – HIA-CSR Award Winning Home in Tasmania

Location Tranmere, Tasmania
Architect Clever Design
Application Decking, Softwood
Material Composite, Softwood
Installation Date March/April 2013
Product Instyle Timber Decking

Quantity Supplied

  • Instyle Decking - 80mm x 20mm Iron Bark: Approximately 40 square metres
  • Western Red Cedar DAR 67x40 Screening:
    216 lineal metres
  • Western Red Cedar DAR 40x40 Screening:
    240 lineal metres
  • Western Red Cedar DAR 90x90 Posts:
    30 lineal metres
  • Western Red Cedar DAR 190x100 Posts:
    41 lineal metres

Project Vision

The vision was to provide a contemporary design that would embrace its habitat and connect to the adjacent water and landscape while providing privacy from the streetscape. Inspired by the rolling crest of the wave, the design dynamism is implicit in the rolling architectural form that mirrors a breaking wave. Of utmost importance for the client was to provide an adult’s ‘chill-out’ room without being fully isolated from the other spaces.

More choice, greater the results

Varied timber profiles and custom-machined clear-grade Western Red Cedar elements are within the innovative form, softening the contemporary boldness with the natural texture and hues of Western Red Cedar.

InStyle Decking (Ironbark) – 88mm x 20mm, with its hidden fixing system, provides the perfect base for external entertaining spaces, which is an extension of the main living, dining, kitchen and children’s utility rooms.

The durability and richness of the reds was the perfect selection, complementing the timber flooring of the ‘chill-out’ room and floating staircase to the lower zones.

Custom-machined clear grade Western Red Cedar ‘DAR’ forms the innovative internal screening for the stairwell/'chill-out' room, whilst allowing the disguised connection to adjacent rooms with filtering light and shadows constantly changing to enliven the spaces. The large vertical Western Red Cedar external screens of the ‘chill out’ room provide privacy and the natural-grained soft vertical elements mimic the adjacent bold-and-coarse-textured vertical forms.

Multiple inclined Western Red Cedar feature columns have been deliberately integrated as structural members of the entry and carport to provide balance to the adjacent inclined walling and screens.


"Working closely with management at Urbanline Architectural was extremely beneficial. The team were on board with our project goals and the importance of ensuring a high quality and durable selection of custom timber products. As a result, this unique Clever Design is a benchmark of quality – an exemplar home".

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