Urbanline Alu Selekta is an innovative new exterior cladding product made from highly durable aluminium. This non-combustible cladding looks just like timber, and works interchangeably with our fire rated Euro Selekta profiles for a seamless look from top to bottom. Eco-friendly, low maintenance and incredibly durable, it’s ideal for high rises and bushfire rated areas.

silver_oak Colour
Silver Oak
Dark Cedar
african_ebony Colour
African Ebony

Product features

  • Alu Selekta cladding is a non combustible product and complies with the NCC and Australian Standard AS1530 – no restrictions on any high rise building
  • Interchangeable with our fire rated Euro Selekta – use Alu Selekta for non-combustible applications and Euro Selekta in more accessible areas
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty cladding – 1.8mm robust profile body, engineered for strength
  • Easy installation – just screw up to wall – no need to machine panels off site.
  • Supplied in lengths of 5.4 metres
  • No two boards alike – pattern is computer generated and not repeated and timber grain is distinct and realistic
  • Passed sea salt spray test – corrosive resistant
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Low maintenance – only general cleaning required

Product is ideal for

  • High rise buildings
  • Refurbishing of commercial buildings
  • Large commercial facades
  • Bushfire prone areas
  • External feature facade cladding for domestic and commercial applications
  • Difficult access areas
  • Low-maintenance substitute for timber feature cladding
  • High-exposure areas
  • Feature facade cladding for multi-storey apartment buildings, where maintenance is difficult
  • Feature cladding for soffits
  • Gable ends