Decking Solutions

Perfect decks

Choosing the right decking material is incredibly important, and the solution you choose will depend on intended purpose, usage situations and location. At Urbanline, we’re all about providing choice: that’s why we three decking options – real timber, composite outdoor decking solutions, and even nail-free decking.

Timber decking

Urbanline’s timber decking solution, InStyle Decking, combines the timeless natural beauty of timber with easy installation and a perfect finish. The visible grain of the timber shows the product’s authenticity, while the hidden fixing system provides a seamless, nail-free finish. Our real wooden decking solutions can also be ordered pre-oiled, reducing installation times.

Composite wood decking

Urbanline’s composite decking products are specially designed to provide years of virtually maintenance-free use. Designed to handle the harshest of conditions, composites can be used with confidence in a variety of locations. Whether coastal or inland, in residential homes or commercial and public spaces, on roof terraces, balconies, rainforest retreats, jetties and boardwalks, our composite wood decking is second to none. Aside from outstanding practicality and durability, our composite products also offer superior style and finishes so convincing, you’ll struggle to believe they’re not real wood.

Nail-free decking

We offer nail-free options on both our timber decking and composite wood decking, so you can have a seamless finish no matter your choice of material. Not only does a nail-free deck have a lower risk of splitting, rotting, jutting nails and other damage, it is also quicker to install and creates less waste than a nailed timber deck!

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