Urbanline Architectural offers customers several pre-coating options for all our solid-timber hardwood cladding and decking products and Western Red Cedar products, through our in-house contemporary coating plant. Urbanline pre-coating saves time on-site and ensures a professional and consistent finish for your project. We stock a range of pre-coated products and also have the capacity to process large volumes of custom profiles and specifications to fulfil any designer’s or architect’s dream! Get in touch today to find out more, call 1300 658 638.

Pre-finished (external oil coating)

Urbanline Architectural recommends Cutek®, a proven penetrating oil, with colour tone additives, for external timber cladding and decking. Cutek keeps external cladding and decking looking good and preserves the cell structure of the timber in order to prevent deterioration. Proven to stabilise timber and greatly reduce damage caused by moisture exposure, Cutek® provides long-term water damage control and helps maintain the natural appearance of timber. Cutek® is easy to apply and can be brushed, sprayed or rolled as required. Cutek® pre-coated timber simply requires a topcoat after installation. Urbanline Architectural has the equipment to offer this initial pre-coating option to all of our clients with the following benefits:

  • eliminates process of manually oiling each board all round, prior to installation
  • gives the penetrating oil a chance to soak in, prior to handling the timber
  • improved dimensional stability, with the deep penetrating oil working from both the front and back of the board.

Pre-finished (internal satin coating)

Urbanline Architectural offers a premium, professional finish option, for out-of-weather paneling and screening applications. This is an environmentally friendly, no VOC, UV, commercial-grade satin finish. Save on man hours, as well as scaffold and access equipment hire costs, with this prefinished option. Urbanline Architectural pre-finished paneling uses industrial coating machines to produce outstanding and consistent results that are difficult to replicate, using conventional on-site application methods.

Pre-primed (external undercoat)

Urbanline Architectural has the capacity to offer an undercoat alternative. Western Red Cedar, amongst the hardwoods that Urbanline supplies, has outstanding natural properties that make it ideal for external paint finishes. Urbanline Architectural offers a high-quality, external-grade undercoat, for application before external paint finishes. Apply Urbanline Architectural pre-primed (external undercoat) to achieve clean, sharp lines and a long lasting professional look.

Download the Urbanline Coatings fact sheet