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Innovative engineering

Being green made easy with thermally modified wood

Thermally modified timber is the way of the future…

Offering the highest green standards, architectural excellence and cost-effective construction, it’s the smart selection that delivers ongoing benefits for your build, as well as the environment.

Enhance your next project with the benefits of thermally modified timbers….

  • Does not absorb water, expand or contract
  • Does not attract termites or fungi
  • Natural modification increases the value of the wood
  • Structural integrity is maintained through basic, regular cleaning
  • Weather resistant
  • Impressive strength, with 90% less movement than unmodified timber
  • An eco-friendly, 100% natural process is used to modify the wood

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  • Thermally Modified
  • Vulcan Hector
  • Vulcan Hector
  • Vulcan Hector

Vulcan Hector

A thermally modified cladding product that’s FSC® accredited and guaranteed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Codemark Acoustics Green Rating Thermally Modified

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  • Vulcan Zara
  • Vulcan Zara
  • Vulcan Zara

Vulcan Zara

Take advantage of more creative choice
Vulcan Zara cladding unleashes new design potential with five ‘chunkier’ profiles.

Acoustics Green Rating Thermally Modified

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Green Innovation

Take advantage of the versatility

Innovatively engineered via a process that uses heat to ‘cook’ solid timber, thermal modification results in a natural timber without the maintenance hassles. Discover the incredible benefits of contemporary engineering, whilst maintaining the timber’s organic beauty.

The thermal modification process transforms timber and allows it to thrive in wet, humid environments. From Australian homes, to commercial buildings and outdoor urban areas, modified timber is the perfect fit for coastal conditions.

Choose from two premium style timbers for all domestic or commercial applications, available in a selection of warm, natural tones.

  • Interior and Exterior Cladding: Guaranteed to withstand even the harshest conditions on the Australian East Coast, modified timber is a reliable and aesthetically stunning option for all cladding applications. Customise your design with a creative or uniformed finish.
  • Commercial Buildings:  Thermally modified timber products are ideal for commercial construction. They’re sustainable, strong and guaranteed to stand the test of time.
  • Residential: Low maintenance, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in your home.
  • Coastal Environments: Keep up with contemporary architecture whilst maintaining a laidback lifestyle. Modified timber is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that batter the coast. It’s a low-maintenance material that will thrive in its environment and stand strong for decades.

Reap the benefits of thermally modified timber and enjoy long-lasting, natural beauty. Chat with the expert team at Urbanline to learn more about our innovative range of thermally modified timber.

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