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Solid extruded aluminium and steel cladding that’s built to last

Aluminium isn’t the first material that comes to mind for cladding, but it’s a long-lasting, stylish option for both residential and commercial applications.

Why choose aluminium cladding? The reasons are compelling:

  • It’s durable, built to withstand tough weather conditions and eliminate corrosion that typically happens over time.
  • Fire Rated, AS1530 compliant
  • It’s stylish and suits a range of looks. Our range of solid extruded aluminium cladding suits both traditional and modern designs, with a selection of grain and textured weatherboard options.
  • Minimal maintenance. Compared with other options, aluminium cladding requires minimal upkeep such as painting or staining.
  • Eco-friendly. Aluminium cladding is sustainable due to its durability and recyclable qualities.
  • Added insulation. Used outside, the aluminium cladding reflects both harmful UV rays and heat leading to energy efficiency.

Urbanline Architectural: Your aluminium cladding specialist

We offer freedom of choice when it comes to aluminium cladding. That means a great range of colours and styles that suit heritage through to contemporary designs. Whether you’re looking to add a stand out feature wall or coat your entire exterior, you’ll find the perfect solution from our range of aluminium solid extruded cladding.

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Aluminium & Steel Cladding options

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  • Alu Selekta
  • Alu Selekta
  • Alu Selekta

Alu Selekta

Urbanline Alu Selekta is an innovative new product made from highly durable aluminium.

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