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The cladding duo that are better together: Euro Selekta and Alu Selekta

One’s a timber composite. One’s a solid aluminium profile. Together they work in perfect harmony to achieve a seamless look for high-rise buildings.

Watch how they work together in this video!

Urbanline’s Alu Selekta cladding is a non-combustible, highly durable, solid aluminium profile, rather than a panel with a composite core. Unlike many aluminium products on the market, it contains no added materials to make it combustible.

An absolute performer in any commercial or residential application, it’s virtually maintenance free – so you can use it on high rises and difficult to access areas and know it will hold its appearance year after year.

We’ve designed it to interchange with our flagship composite Euro Selektaa unique, pre-finished composite cladding façade with a beautiful timber-grain-embossed surface, which ticks many boxes for fire certification. Designed for stability and longevity with style, Euro Selekta Clad is eco-friendly, virtually maintenance free and easy to install.

Mix and match Euro Selekta on single vertical or horizontal wall planes or in areas deemed acceptable in multi-storey developments, through the clever use of spandrels such as soffits to soften otherwise sterile commercial looks. Opt for non-combustible Alu Selekta on multi-story building where the application of Euro-Selekta may be limited by performance criteria of the build.

The big benefit is knowing that you’re working with a fire compliant cladding system.

Alu Selekta cladding is classed as a non-combustible product and is AS1530.1 compliant, meaning there’s no restrictions for its use on any high rise building, provided it’s worked into the existing FRL build-up.

Furthermore Euro Selekta features a BAL29 rating (AS 1530.8.1), and has performed extremely well in the equivalent AS 5113 External Façade Fire Test (BS 8414) – having satisfied the performance based requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One and Two and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

We are always pro-actively reviewing and investing in tests and reports to provide clarity to our customers in meeting the latest BCA changes. Urbanline have been leaders in this area by testing to the only acceptable predecessor BS 8414 in the UK prior to AS 5113’s introduction to Australia and NZ.

We achieve this by regularly engaged independent fire engineers to assess all the data from the fire tests and compile it into comprehensive evaluation reports which are freely available to you.

Hear the results from the engineer in this video.

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Side by side

Euro Selekta Alu Selekta
  • AS5113 project specific performance based compliance
  • BAL 29 compliant
  • AS/NZS 3837:1998 compliant
  • CodeMark certified
  • Rw acoustic rating available
  • Combustible but with low flame spread and limited debris
  • No painting or coating
  • Easy to follow install guide
  • Hidden tongue and groove fixing
  • Woodgrain embossed surface
  • Fade, impact, water and pest resistant
  • 15 year warranty
  • Non leaching
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • PEFC forest certified
  • AS1530.1 compliant
  • AS1530.3 compliant for coated finish
  • Non-combustible
  • Solid aluminium profile (no core)
  • Safe to use at all heights
  • Lightweight
  • Strong & durable
  • Easy to follow install guide
  • No two boards are alike
  • Timber grain finish that matches Euro Selekta
  • Corrosion resistant ASTM B117-11
  • 10 year warranty
  • Low maintenance



Euro Selekta has been tested to the requirements of AS5113. The Test Standard used at the time was BS 8414. Additional testing of these requirements are currently underway for reporting purposes only, giving specifiers more clarity when complying with the latest BCA changes.

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