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Composite timber screening solutions

Urbanline offers a high-quality composite solution for your timber screening needs.

Our Duro Screen Composite is made from a mixture of virgin and recycled polyethylene and recycled timber fibres, making it extra tough and impact resistant. For screening that will stand firm against even the harshest of elements, there’s nothing better than Duro.

The Duro Screen range comprises several no-maintenance screening profiles, available in three different widths (42mm, 65mm and 86mm), all 24mm thick x 5.8m long. All profiles feature an attractive and realistic textured face, available in four colours: Ash Grey, Walnut, Cedar and Redwood. Duro Screen is also dual sided, for a great view no matter where you look.

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Duro Screen

A commercial-grade, composite screening solution made from polyethylene and recycled timber fibres.

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From fencing solutions to privacy screens

Fencing solutions

Urbanline’s composite screen solution provides a new alternative for fence screening. Due to its sturdy and weather resistant structure, our Duro Screen range isn’t just about stylish appearances – it offers real functionality. Not only do you achieve an attractive timber look, but unlike timber, there is little to no maintenance required.

Privacy screens

Our Duro screen range can also be used for privacy needs, in both residential and commercial applications. It is a truly versatile product, with adjustable spacing both horizontally and vertically, meaning you can choose very precisely what the privacy level should be.

Architectural feature

In addition to practical fencing and privacy uses, our composite timber screening solution is the ideal feature for homes, restaurants and cafes as well as a wide range of public spaces. Its stable construction means that it won’t splinter or warp and – thanks to its durable nature – it can be applied to even the most exposed of areas.