Urbanline Architectural, offers tailored solutions to issues encountered in the harsh conditions posed by marine environments. Structures, or facilities, situated on or near saltwater, face corrosive conditions, caused by extreme humidity levels, high chloride content and constant thermal cycling.

The products we supply for marine applications have been designed to exceed the expectations of the industry, performing longer, and providing the durability and aesthetics desired by our clients.

Whether the requirement is for bridges, ports, wharfs, jetties or docks, all applications generally require cladding and/or decking solutions that are resilient to the harsh conditions found in close proximity to the sea. At Urbanline, we supply and/or manufacture the products, technical specifications and application expertise required, to properly execute these projects.

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Millboard Decking and Latitudes Marine Decking, by Urbanline, are heavy-duty composite solutions, ideal for marine-based projects.

Urbanline supplies long-lasting, no-maintenance composite products, as well as robust and heavy-duty hardwood decking solutions. Our extensive network of contacts, along with the vast experience and expertise of our team, enables us to source and supply specific and exclusive profiles to suit any design, for any tender.

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