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9 Reasons To Choose Composite Over Solid Timber

These days many builders, architects and DIY enthusiasts choose composite products over solid timber for decking, panelling, screening and cladding.

But why is that? What makes composite such a good choice in Australian homes and commercial buildings?

There are some big advantages to choosing composite over solid timber – Here are the top nine:

Composite vs. Solid Timber

1. It is highly durable

Most sustainable composites are produced with highly durable recycled materials, which ensure excellent product longevity.

2. Better UV stability

The harsh Australian sun can wreak havoc with outdoor areas if you don’t use the right materials. Composites are manufactured to have high resistance to sunlight and its harmful UV rays.

3. It is super-resistant to water damage

Good quality composites are resistant to water, unlike timber which expands and contracts. This can cause warping or shrinkage, which is a big problem for outdoor screening, cladding and decking.

4. Excellent rot, mould and pest resistance

Rot, mould and pests can all affect materials, especially in our warm Australian climate. Composites are manufactured with in-built protection against rot, algae, fungi and mould, and are also termite resistant.

5. It’s ultra-low maintenance

Once composite is installed you can forget about it, unlike timber which must be maintained regularly to keep it in good condition. This saves effort and money.

6. Better colour stability and resistance to staining

There are natural colour variations with solid timber products; composites provide consistency of colour and any minor variations due to natural fibres being exposed to sunlight are usually evened out within 10-12 weeks of installation.

7. Better slip resistance

If you are installing decking then slip resistance is a major consideration; composites typically receive high anti-slip ratings, unlike solid timber decking.

8. Longer warranty

Often solid timber products will come with no warranty; composites will typically carry a 10 to 25 year warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.

9. Better for use by the coast

As well as water, salt can be a problem for timber products in coastal areas. Composites stand up well to salt and this adds to their overall durability and longevity.

You can find more detailed information comparing composites with timber products here.

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